What was old is new again

20 Aug

Forgive me, my lord

for once I worshipped you

as an idol.

Bless you, my lord

for when you left me to suffer

I learned.

I learned to answer my own questions

for when you spoke

I could not hear your words

above the din of your minions

nor the dull pain of denial.

God watch you and keep you, m’lord

for you are no more demon

than I am part angel.

My love is deep, m’lord

but perilous and deeper still

my thoughts wax and wane

with the passage of time

and other things.

Oh, to surrender my dear lord

and be away from this base

material world.

To be so diseased by love

that our vision might blur

and we might see reality through the dense fog.

To be deafened so by love

that we may not again hear the cries

of our orphans.

To be bludgeoned

and maimed by love

so that we never again doubt

it’s existence or test it’s authority.

Forgive me

for I have worshipped idols

and knealt at the feet

of mortal men

I have sought from others

what I ought to have seen in you

and in myself

But, believe I did not

For I knew not how to believe

See I did not

For my eyes were deceived

by another light

Hear I did not, above

the cries of others

Only now in the quiet

of these many passing years

can I begin to sense

the importance of age on a soul

Wisdom holds a different

meaning for those who possess it

and we who are not quite

old enough to have achieved it.


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