NYT Best Seller

5 Apr

You read me
Cover to cover
One rainy afternoon
In February
You turned the fireplace on
Tucked in your toes
and pulled your favorite fleece
Up to your chin
Stretching the fabric taut
Over your body
On the long leather couch
You settled in
And let out a cozy sigh
Before smacking your tongue
Against the roof of your mouth
But this book is only one of a series
The whole story is far from told.
It’s the one you open
Anticipating the best.
It’s the one you close
Begrudgingly because you long for more
But you simply can’t imagine
What else lies in store.
It’s the one you wait for.
The one you pre-order
In advance of general release
Not just to beat the crowds at the store
But to be the first to know,
The first to hold the secret in your hands
And let it reveal itself
With the simple turn of a page
And it’s worth it
Every time
Though every time you wonder
How can it get better than this
And every time it is
You dare to ask for more.

It’s an adventure.
Choose your own.
Read the lines.
Come with me.

It’s a fantasy.
Yours and mine
Mine it and I’m yours.

It’s a grand escape
From reality
Where all roads
Lead to here
And now is the place
You never want to leave.

It’s pure science fiction
But the fact is
It doesn’t matter
Because it’s more real
Than the dream you had this morning
When we woke up
And it was raining
So you started a fire
Cuddled up
And began to read
An interesting story

2 Responses to “NYT Best Seller”

  1. frodo59 April 5, 2012 at 5:59 pm #

    May be good enough to get me started reading again.

    • jessicalle April 6, 2012 at 4:44 pm #

      Lol. Reading is good for the soul. Keeps you young!

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