Chapter 1 – I Thought

13 May

I thought there was something

To everything

And nothing interested me

About anyone

So, I went about my life

Keeping secrets I would

Never share with everyone.


And the secret is

I wouldn’t have

If I had someone.


So still, my lips are closed

To open ears

The secrets long forgotten

With the passing of the years

And oh, my friends

What I would give

Now that the time is gone

To have given of myself

So that my song

On the lips of another

Might carry on

And on and on.


One Response to “Chapter 1 – I Thought”

  1. jessicalle May 13, 2012 at 7:48 pm #

    LOL. I was probably all of 21 when I wrote this. “Now that the time is gone…” Such the hyperbolist!

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