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Chapter 1 – It’s Coming!

29 Jun

Catastrophe made her hungry

Until she ate herself sick

And drank to swallow heaves

The tornado is over

In its path

Human suffering, felled trees

Leveled buildings

G-d’s wrath

Claims the innocent

Leaves the destitute

Brings love home

A woman quotes newscasters

Cross-streets, casualties

Disregarded warnings

Your time is coming

You better have your house in order

Family in line

Taller to shorter

It’s coming. It’s Coming. IT’S COMING!

Chapter 1 – Sleep

29 Jun

Before my bed was made

We could study case histories

Of serial perversions

But my hand looks so much

Older now and my breast

Is soft

The mystery makes no sense




Don’t stop to dream

Just sleep

Save yourself

Sever social bindings

Sleep severely


Chapter 1 – Unchartered land

29 Jun

As if I were a gentle lady

Captured by pirates of the sea

Your voice stands as a beacon to me

Leading me to shore

Weak in the knees

From salty breezes

To your firm unchartered land

You should know it pleases me to

Feel your strong grasp on my hand

I am woman, you are my man

Let our loves begin with freedom

And so our souls cannot be cheated

Let us create a kingdom

That will not be easily defeated

Chapter 1 – Mother

28 Jun

Of life

You have given us the roots

We need to balance

Help us now to spider

To reach our goals

Set ever higher.

Mother, you are sunlight

Shine upon our chosen paths

Delight us

With what you know

So that we might follow.

The seeds you’ve planted

Will always grow

With a tender touch

And your love in groves.

Chapter 1 – Consolable River

27 Jun

Known are we

Into such precarious pretense

You, quivering a foretaste

Of our predestined kiss.

You, deceptively straight-forward

An arrow aimed

at underwater prey.

A tower of burnished passion

Leashed by sentimental love

Chained to worldly possessions

Set free on fate’s truest hand

Caged but not imprisoned –

A selfish man with a long-term plan

his (in) security.

Enjoy your women as flowers in a vase

My love cannot blossom there among

Such leggy stems

Competing for standing water.

You must become the river ever-changing

Your white water the turbulence of expression

Your whirlpools enticing me to exploration.

I walk your sand shore

Dowsed by your sullen waves

I feel the pull of your current

Swift and sudden.

Will I never feel your liquid touch surround me?

Am I never to be carried in the arms of such a powerful force as you?

You challenge me not to sink to your level.

I should forgive myself strength

And you, succumb

To the merry, whimsical pull

Of your nature

Your passion

We could drown our

selves in that consolable river.

Chapter 1 – Lady Luck

25 Jun

On lottery tickets and love


Luck is for the queen of cups

I play my numbers faithfully

It just doesn’t add up

Sucked upon like a fireball

Spit out when I got too hot

My shoulders shrug

And I sleep

Still life on satin sheets

My lover has a big head

He’s full of me.

Chapter 1 – Halo-ed

25 Jun

I would rather sleep in the desert

Than under a willow tree

With a fool in a single bed

The half-moon was moaning

As I lied


Without you.

Chapter 1 – Uprooted

25 Jun

And into the night

Have you sensed my presence

In uprooted flowers

And summoned my spirit

With desireous flame

Chapter 1 – Suspense

25 Jun

He comes

And goes

He rarely throws

Me only bits

Of what he knows

I speak of sanctuary

Embraced by arms and legs and

We sit all but feet apart

His determined silence surrounding us

In my private room – he rests his

Head upon my heart and says,

“We are only mating”

To this I say nothing, for I

Know not what weighs upon him

Hours spent alone have gotten

Me this:

A man in suspense

Has but one wish

And that is happiness

No cares, no plans

Just memorable, portable


In this state he is oblivious

To hours spent alone

He knows not of what he may have missed

Chapter 1 – The show is over

23 Jun

I write for myself

A captive audience

Quiet. Attentive.

Nearly inaudible

Eyes search the crowd


No one

I shout, I bow

I clap

My presence is known

I am no longer alone

They hear my words

On this stage

In this spotlight

I am warmed

By the company of strangers

I am welcomed

By accomplished artists

But life goes on

So I leave it

To those


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