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Chapter 1 – Uprooted

25 Jun

And into the night

Have you sensed my presence

In uprooted flowers

And summoned my spirit

With desireous flame


Chapter 1 – Suspense

25 Jun

He comes

And goes

He rarely throws

Me only bits

Of what he knows

I speak of sanctuary

Embraced by arms and legs and

We sit all but feet apart

His determined silence surrounding us

In my private room – he rests his

Head upon my heart and says,

“We are only mating”

To this I say nothing, for I

Know not what weighs upon him

Hours spent alone have gotten

Me this:

A man in suspense

Has but one wish

And that is happiness

No cares, no plans

Just memorable, portable


In this state he is oblivious

To hours spent alone

He knows not of what he may have missed

Chapter 1 – The show is over

23 Jun

I write for myself

A captive audience

Quiet. Attentive.

Nearly inaudible

Eyes search the crowd


No one

I shout, I bow

I clap

My presence is known

I am no longer alone

They hear my words

On this stage

In this spotlight

I am warmed

By the company of strangers

I am welcomed

By accomplished artists

But life goes on

So I leave it

To those


Chapter 1 – Doubt

23 Jun

Your time will come, sweet thing

So just ride it on for now

Years will pass like days,

You’ll see

And then

Where will you be

In an old house

In a forest

On a swing with a

Book to fill up

With life

You will not miss.

You will be

You are

What you feel inside

And I

I feel that I could be

A faithful fountain

Of passion

Shared by all

But who will really know me

And what will

My words truly mean

To you

Do you

Trouble yourself with doubt

Like me

Instead of letting time

Work it all out

Chapter 1 – Any Game

23 Jun

Hearts grow fond of

Each other’s company.

It’s a wonder our

Legs don’t grow together

Breaking the ribbon

In a three-legged race.

Empty sadness

At the fair’s end

Consoled by first prize and

Some chocolate pie

Winner’s pride

Soon subsides as

Lonely gloating

Gets silly in the backseat

Or the rearview mirror.

Tiny wrinkles in your skin

Just like his

Give away the prize

Laughingly you embrace

You own reflection

As your only friend

At the end of every competition

The race goes on

So, produce or

Be e-rased.

You can dance and play

But you are nothing

Until you create

The taste is sweet

Of any game.

Chapter 1 – for Luis, the Spaniard

21 Jun

Orange fingernails

And Spanish legends

Of human tails

Lawless as we are

By our creation

Made just in nature

To defy the cosmos

And destroy entire generations

Shivering chills

Through the length of me

Pass thoughtfully

To leave me cold and trembling.

Sorry I can’t remember your last name,

Circa 1994

Chapter 1 – Archaic

21 Jun

In the wake of angels

I lie in wait

My leopard pounces

Leaves me motionless

A mere detail of gloriousness

Head heavy with presence

Sounding of trains

Resounds in travel

Poor souls plotting suicide

Challenging death

Tons of metal

Crushing bones

Like wood blocks or

Sand between my toes.

The smell of cinnamon

Invites him in

Power from a bit of glass

To stranded pearls

Passionately wrapped


Back on the tracks

Trains call out to me

I am available

Disregarding serious talk

Or drunk within

My own reflection.

I am learning to fly



I am learning to die

In my sleep

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