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Chapter 2 – Come for Me

31 Jul

Grey ghost

In rags you dress

Appropriate on occasion

Numbered days oppress my

Reeling soul from feeling

Fresh disease growing

Hourly upon skin

Trembling breath, rise and fall


Words flow with no

Connecting rail

The road to heart

Bridged with fatal scars

For soft new pink

The train of life’s profanities

Does blow it’s horn

Ominous, anonymous

Tradesman without craft

Vein shaft

I lie in wait

To take or be taken

By unknown wrath

Chapter 2 – Material Money Madness

31 Jul

Matters; it was money matters

Far from madness, yes?

Centipede orchards

Golden candy meltdowns


Cross red lines to shallow graves

Save falling snow

None of us were made to hit the

Ground and melt

Chapter 2 – Remember

31 Jul

Your fingers in my hair

Your hand on my cheek

Your lips on my lips

In my dreams

I feel you breathing against me

Denial is a band-aid over my lashes

When I awake

From this dream

And remember

It’ll rip my heart out again.

Chapter 2 – Dancing Soldier

29 Jul

Of groove

Uniform tight

Laced up boots

Heavy, awkward

Laser light fashion show

Bent knees alternate

Straight spine impeccable

Arms stiff at the sides

Saluting lip kissed carpets

Some beauty queen

Hits the scene

And he has got the beat

Yeah, a slap in the face

‘Cause he grabbed her ass

Before the slow song started

Chapter 2 – In the supermarket world

29 Jul

Why does the child’s sand castle stand

Without praise

How can we pass a young girl’s upward smile

Without giving the same

Where can a little boy go when he is lost

In the supermarket world

What will it take to

Make us see

A love without question

Is all we need

To be free

And the child’s castle

Will fly a proud flag

And a smile for each passer by

Will keep us warm inside

And the world won’t be as cold

As the frozen food aisle


Chapter 2 – So

29 Jul

The days roll past like a red rubber


And the nights linger while my fingers

Spin tales

Of hunger

Hunger for knowledge

Oh, the injustice of ignorance

Chapter 2 – Understanding

27 Jul

Snake drawing

Nympho scrawling

Sin sharing

Name dropping

Skin shedding



Given warnings

Lead pipes

Heavy lungs

Someone sits

Barstool breaks

Glass splinters

Bare feet

Come with me

To eternity

Where all is known

And nothing

Gets mentioned

Where lovers hide

And children play

And it rains

And it cleanses

The bad things away

Until no one is laughing

Until there is

No more

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