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Chapter 2 – Today

27 Jul


The cemetery

Claimed three

The siren I’ve heard only

Once before

Sang of four

Seven souls slipped silently


As I mailed my letters

As I wrote in the graveyard

As cursed the cold

Someone died today


Chapter 2 – In the Cemetery

27 Jul

A wounded solider watches over

Four graveless headstones

Generations of family

Buried together.

Visiting my own grave

Before I’ve died and gone away

See, the apples trees bloom

the sun still shines

In the cemetery

Where she was placed into the ground

Not long ago

Garden of marble

Interrupted by a single wooden cross

White words and a fortune lost

Perhaps a simple man

A horrid fate

Oh mother earth

Oh father time

Immortality is giving

Birth to us

Chapter 2 – A Kiss

27 Jul

A kiss was all it took

For them to give us everything.

Some days I had it in my mind

To try the same.

When I fell he picked me up

Brushed me off and told me

I was his beautiful little red-headed minx

His high school girl.

On happy days he marveled at my intelligence

My cunning, my skill at shoplifting

Convenience items we would need

For after he dosed us.

We lived in an abandoned wooden house

I went to class with glassy wide eyes

When the electricity was turned off

Because the school was air-conditioned

And someone was always selling

That cheesy popcorn I loved

And I got to pretend

I was just like you

But better

My secret never

Saw the light of day

Until she engaged me

To run away

With her home

And I did

I escaped

But it wasn’t far enough

Away from the love

I knew

And it was much too far away

From the love

I needed

The love

You had

The love I couldn’t see

Because it was

Virtuous and new

And honest

Like nothing

I had ever seen before.

Chapter 2 – The sickening smell of the storm

27 Jul

Sweaty lovers

High on pills

Sound of wet mouth

Torn away from dry lips

Squeak of second skin


Was sleeping with me

Foreign words of passion

Tearing from the inside out

I am

No end, no beginning

No trace of thoughtful climax

Illness passes

Like death cult plague

Rising from altar

Pleading, screaming

Am not dead! Am not dead!

Release me from heathen ritual

Capsize this ark of no one.

Chapter 2 – Sacrifice

27 Jul

Now I lay my head to rest

My weary bones put to the test

I shut my eyes

I dream of death

Sublime and happiness.

Should it be prophecy

And come to light before

The sun has risen me –

I will not fight.

I’ll wear a smile

For those who have known me

In this life

And those I have known in the next.

And as the night surrounds me

I’ll awake from this slumber

Of suffering

And sacrifice.

Chapter 2 – Known

20 Jul

I have known you from afar

Often I have seen your face behind closed eyes

As the scenes I witness force darkness upon me

You are the light but silent, my woman child

Hear me well

I have a proposition for you – yes, you

He kisses her hand and

His lips are cold, but she thinks

Maybe not for long

I want you to be my wilderness

I will explore every part of you



Want to be explored

Our souls are now

Too separate

Let us come together

We can call it destiny

Or fate

Or we can call it love

We shall take this

You and me

And shape it into us

Come my love

And take my hand

He was strong

But so was she

Trembling into eternity

The dreamers

Walked together

Hand in hand

Into the darkness

And were illumined

By the sheer distance

Chapter 2 – The Dream Story

20 Jul

She sits

Faded green velvet chair

He stares

Through smoke filled air

The wallpaper looms

His eyes inviting

Her vision

Cloudy with drink

Spirits sent

And one white lily

More than handsome

Was this man’s beauty

And only in her dreams

He would come to her

She wouldn’t wait long

Her name he sang

A most exquisite sound

He spoke

And not in vain

With harsh determination

As in a dream

Her dream

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