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Chapter 2 – Yes, Warm

20 Jul

Swarm of thoughts caress my skull

Yes, heat

To beat the anger from my soul

Yes, fire

Consumes desire for the flesh

Yes, sun

To soothe my wounds

Yes, flame

To hide the shame of imperfection

Yes, burning

Ever yearning for the touch

Yes, hot

And not afraid of dying lonely

Yes, warm






Yes, shine.


Chapter 2 – I Alone

19 Jul

Oh, the joy of pen and hand

Coming together

To create

As boundless as time

Yet we wear watches warily waiting

The freedom of words

To flow

To etch on off-white paper



Hours passing

Phone calls like owl’s eyes

Watching, peering

Remindful of responsibility


Night grown cold

Fingers shaking

I am awake and you are with me

Still it is I

I alone

I hold the power

To shape my life

To make it flower

Chapter 2 – Waiting

19 Jul

How much wasted time

Is spent on waiting

How much energy becomes

Useless, meaningless

Pacing or tapping of the fingers

What are we waiting for anyway?

A phone call

A bus

A letter

A trust

Waiting breeds apprehension

Brings chaos to bubbling minds

It is a constant reminder

Of what will be

Or could be

If only we wait

Remember your promise

To be happy


Why wait

Chapter 2 – The Future

19 Jul

As blind, as dismal, as dark, as bleak

As the truth we do slovenly seek

All eyes and hearts and minds

We search for answers in the


Of time.

To the believers and the preachers

And to all those sitting on their asses

In the hard, wooden bleachers

I say

Get up!

Stand up!

On your own two feet.

Show us life

With all its miracles and strife

Show us fear and defeat

Spread success and then retreat.

For in the end, my dear sweet friends

All of our bones will creak.

We are as old as we are weak.

In the end

You can silently go back to sleep

Once again.

Chapter 2 – Ballad for the Death of Lofty

19 Jul

The flowers still bloom

In the spot where she killed

Old Lofty

Her gun as cold and hard as

Her woman’s heart of steel.

Folks around here claim

The blood and stench

Of the unburied

Left its mark

Where once the earth was arid

There grows an immaculate garden

Among exotic blooms

Lofty’s bones take in the sun.

Perhaps his death was meant to be

And the woman meant to be praised

For in this town of three-hundred

And one

So fine a flower was never grown.

Still, we saw the woman hanged

And we buried the remains

And the people of the town agreed

Poor old Lofty had not died in vain.

19 Jul

Time dips into our tear pools… poignant for me today

Enchanted Rant

In the shadow of tomorrow’s sun

I think of nothing.

I see naught but brilliant light

Narcissus’ reflection.

Titled frame

Of wilderness wisdom.

With his second hands

Time dips into our tear pools

A ripple, at first glance.

Obscurity, then



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Chapter 2 – Sleep

19 Jul

Sleep, he said

For you are weary

And the night cold

Rest your precious eyes, flashing

Emerald stones though they may be

Dream of peace

The kind men long for and

Remember the dream well

For you may never witness its like again

Let your body limp

Open the door of you to let it wander

Do not be afraid to allow the simple air

You breathe traverse your entire


Feel the blood flowing, coursing through

Your veins. Hear your heart beat

Lungs accepting oxygen

Your brain swimming in pools of thought


Be content for just one evening

Knowing simply that you are living

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