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Chapter 2 – Smell

31 Aug

Smell my hands

Inhale my growing fingers

Grasping your strong arm

Pale with the strain



You are calling my name

In her bed

By her side

And she is grasping your arm

In the dream

You could smell me

And now

The musky scent only lovers live to make

And love

My fingers linger in memory

Empty thoughts are filled

For you

With the words I write

And when the wind is right

The smell

The sweet stinging smell of the fingers

Creating these lines

Chapter 2 – To My Sisters

31 Aug

Sweet young birds you are

Or butterflies

Tasting the nectar of life

Welcoming the sun

Or frolicking in the rain

You grow

Like the strongest vine climbs to the

Top of the tallest building

It will take some time

And patience

But those who have raised you

Will soon come to see you reach your summit

No mountain too steep

No current rough enough

To bring you under

Walk, my sisters, talk together

Open your hearts and minds to exploration

For as sad as it may seem

Nothing lasts forever

Nothing – but our love and adoration

Of each other

Chapter 2 – (Dreams…)

31 Aug

Coming for you

Lining you up

In organized patterns

Rubber bands keep your arms

Tight against your body

Spinning you are

Fast as your feet can turn

Russian women dance

She flies

Tick? Tick?

As free as the bird

Who leads the flock

Friendly revolution

Hold back no reserves

Encircled she prays

As a dying man

In his last days

Return to harsh embrace

Stretching, pulling

A carnival?

There are no children laughing here

A punishment?

Didn’t seem cruel or unjust to me

Chapter 2 – In a Foreign Land

29 Aug

I dance with strangers

Eating twinkies

Fondling my candy

Secret numbers

Play rotary with my brain

We are both strong

Yet time has its power

To wither away the largest stone

With the wind and the rain

I came, leaving the past behind

You erupted, a volcano in mine

My hands cold glass

Tears have long since frozen

Become a wooden woman child

Even before I knew the fire of love

I never felt your hot hand in desire

A flame cannot ignite an entire forest

Each tree has its own price to pay

Why did you tell me that you love me

Did you not want me to be free

Why did you tell me that you want me

When you plan to burn the forest

For the trees

Chapter 2 – Call for Success

29 Aug

So simple

Avoiding confrontation

As if it were some kind of

Communicable disease

So easy

To live under someone else’s name

Never believing

All that eyes do see

Judge and prey

Lock and key

Life like sport

Devoid of time outs

Or practice games

Apples rot if not


Muscles wither

If not used

The old dinosaur never needed forearms

Babies crying fists clutched

Mouths agape

There is no world

To the girl at bat in the last inning

Save that of the field

No goal

Except for the far fence and beyond

Out of reach

Within bounds

No people

But the opponent on the pitcher’s mound

Maybe an umpire

Calling the second strike

The third ball

Life isn’t always a home run

Or even a base hit

Full count

Sometimes we have to play the cards we are dealt

Correction – we must play that hand

All of the time

Still – it is possible to win

Without any aces

A handful of hearts

Wins much more than money

Heart full of life

Replaces the faceless

Call for success

Chapter 2 – I Will Survive

29 Aug

A warning

Perhaps, yes

A forecast

Of what will soon come to be

In my life

As it is already known to others

Of this race

No one else ever tried to escape

The premonition

Our essence, our existence – is bound

To time with elastic chains

We may stretch as far as we choose but never

Break free from the core of time

It is the beginning, the Finnish and all things

In between

Everything is based on time

I will not wear a watch

I will survive

Chapter 2 – Three

20 Aug

I left the queen fleeing

From your table

She wept as your eyes were sewn

By skewers

Cloaked with measure


Conflicting opinions drift

Did you hear?

My prince has forgotten his war

Immortal on film

Seedy eyes stare

One gone, thrice loved

One left, twice shallow

One forever, now

One alone

Chapter 2 – Lost Souls

20 Aug

Lost souls

And frozen toes


Calling my name


Or shouting

I hear them

All the same

The syllables ring

Through my eyes to

My brain and

Back again to

The tips of my

Fingers shaking

Tangled in hair

Wet with warmth

I washed my fingers in

A little bowl with

A lemon mocking

The messenger

Foolish feelings

Of dread as I opened

The door to

Meet this fiend

Who called

Me friend

Reeling to another


To a song

I have already heard

To a face

I’ve seen before

Chapter 2 – Jungle

20 Aug

My body is a jungle

Of comings and goings

And when

I have travelled distant cities

Searching for the man

Who could make me forget you

Now I’ve found

I’ve gone and lost myself

In one of the hell-bound towns

On the glassy-eyed highway

Where chipmunks lose their heads

I dropped my bloody heart

On the pavement

Then three cars and a lorry

Sent my love a splashing

Into the bushes on the

Roadside where I slept

Waiting for a ride

To nowhere

From your arms

I used this pen to pick it up

And put it back in my pocket

With the kisses you blew

When I left

It will be safe there

And warm

For later

Chapter 2 – I tried

10 Aug

I tried to write a poem about the rain

But it didn’t end without your name

I tried to write a poem about the sky

But it didn’t end without your eyes

I wrote of the stars above

It wasn’t whole without your love

I wrote of this land

And this country

But I finished with your hands

And my body

I versed about a chair

It turned into your stare

The market place

Became your face

The dragon’s lair

Turned into your hair

The railway station

Now desperation

I wrote of the dew on the grass and the sea

And it became you making love to me

The ships on the dock became your lips

And your –

Smile is where I can be happy

Even without you near

Soon, even this small respite becomes

Lover, how I wish you were here

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