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Chapter 2 – Lost Souls

20 Aug

Lost souls

And frozen toes


Calling my name


Or shouting

I hear them

All the same

The syllables ring

Through my eyes to

My brain and

Back again to

The tips of my

Fingers shaking

Tangled in hair

Wet with warmth

I washed my fingers in

A little bowl with

A lemon mocking

The messenger

Foolish feelings

Of dread as I opened

The door to

Meet this fiend

Who called

Me friend

Reeling to another


To a song

I have already heard

To a face

I’ve seen before


Chapter 2 – Jungle

20 Aug

My body is a jungle

Of comings and goings

And when

I have travelled distant cities

Searching for the man

Who could make me forget you

Now I’ve found

I’ve gone and lost myself

In one of the hell-bound towns

On the glassy-eyed highway

Where chipmunks lose their heads

I dropped my bloody heart

On the pavement

Then three cars and a lorry

Sent my love a splashing

Into the bushes on the

Roadside where I slept

Waiting for a ride

To nowhere

From your arms

I used this pen to pick it up

And put it back in my pocket

With the kisses you blew

When I left

It will be safe there

And warm

For later

Chapter 2 – I tried

10 Aug

I tried to write a poem about the rain

But it didn’t end without your name

I tried to write a poem about the sky

But it didn’t end without your eyes

I wrote of the stars above

It wasn’t whole without your love

I wrote of this land

And this country

But I finished with your hands

And my body

I versed about a chair

It turned into your stare

The market place

Became your face

The dragon’s lair

Turned into your hair

The railway station

Now desperation

I wrote of the dew on the grass and the sea

And it became you making love to me

The ships on the dock became your lips

And your –

Smile is where I can be happy

Even without you near

Soon, even this small respite becomes

Lover, how I wish you were here

Chapter 2 – I Touch You

10 Aug

Air is cold against my head

Like a damp cloth

Or your sweat

Drip, drip, dripping

Upon my boiling skin

So hot

I breathe

My nose, my throat

Dry and burning

With curiosity

Longing for the wetness of your touch

Your kisses

Soothing my lips

Cracked and bleeding

Your mouth

Holding my warm breath

The smell of your day

Upon me

Mingling with a top note

Of passion

And the aftertaste of


I can’t get you deep enough inside me

Your tongue, your teeth

I want to chew your flesh

And swallow you whole

Eat me up

And down



And here


You found someone

Who wants you

Just as much as

You want to be wanted

Chapter 2 – My Teeth

10 Aug

My teeth are stones in sunlight

Pieces of French bread in a

Broken toaster

Teasing me

With presence and disappearance

Your tongue flicks

Over my entire body

A vast and spacious desert

Whose drought has lasted

Far beyond its time

Whose rain has long since

Been prayed for

There is a storm

A painful tearing storm

Always before the rain

And the storm passes without warning

I am your desert

You are my storm

Stay with me a while

Until it’s time to move on

And when the time

Comes for promises

Leave me with nothing

Less than solid faith

That one day you

Will return

And I will wait

Chapter 2 – My Self Is

10 Aug

My self is

Foreign to me now

How I wish that I

Might find the woman who

Lives inside my body

She told me a story once

About a man

I can believe her if I choose

She said

Someday you will be happy, I promise

And he said

I love you

Chapter 2 – How

8 Aug

How can I sleep

When the man I think I love

Holds his eyes open

To the western sun

Has he spoken my name


The last time I saw

Him, his darkness surrounded me

Waking to a fearful heartbeat

And a dream

I rushed away

To this place, where

My moon comes at any hour

Of the day

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