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Chapter 2 – I Touch You

10 Aug

Air is cold against my head

Like a damp cloth

Or your sweat

Drip, drip, dripping

Upon my boiling skin

So hot

I breathe

My nose, my throat

Dry and burning

With curiosity

Longing for the wetness of your touch

Your kisses

Soothing my lips

Cracked and bleeding

Your mouth

Holding my warm breath

The smell of your day

Upon me

Mingling with a top note

Of passion

And the aftertaste of


I can’t get you deep enough inside me

Your tongue, your teeth

I want to chew your flesh

And swallow you whole

Eat me up

And down



And here


You found someone

Who wants you

Just as much as

You want to be wanted

Chapter 2 – My Teeth

10 Aug

My teeth are stones in sunlight

Pieces of French bread in a

Broken toaster

Teasing me

With presence and disappearance

Your tongue flicks

Over my entire body

A vast and spacious desert

Whose drought has lasted

Far beyond its time

Whose rain has long since

Been prayed for

There is a storm

A painful tearing storm

Always before the rain

And the storm passes without warning

I am your desert

You are my storm

Stay with me a while

Until it’s time to move on

And when the time

Comes for promises

Leave me with nothing

Less than solid faith

That one day you

Will return

And I will wait

Chapter 2 – My Self Is

10 Aug

My self is

Foreign to me now

How I wish that I

Might find the woman who

Lives inside my body

She told me a story once

About a man

I can believe her if I choose

She said

Someday you will be happy, I promise

And he said

I love you

Chapter 2 – How

8 Aug

How can I sleep

When the man I think I love

Holds his eyes open

To the western sun

Has he spoken my name


The last time I saw

Him, his darkness surrounded me

Waking to a fearful heartbeat

And a dream

I rushed away

To this place, where

My moon comes at any hour

Of the day

Chapter 2 – It is Done

8 Aug

Irish dancing tunes

Surround my bed,

My house, my head

We are all laughing

As the skin peels

From my face and neck

Lovers are bitter

Above me

A young man lies

Below me

Kittens sleep

Beside me

My eyes are heavy

With sleepy thoughts

My hands are yet weak

From the strain of today

In the darkness

A single demon dances

Leading me

To an open door

Number three

Still more

Number four

Number one

It is done

Chapter 2 – Ill

8 Aug

My heart is ill

With fever

Smoke clouds my eyes

I fear forever

My mind aches

With reason and decision

Thought brings me

No nearer to consolation

Or destination

My toes drown

In frozen fear

Breaking at the joints

Swimming restlessly

In my black shoes

Haunting you are

He is

Experience teaches me only

The need to learn more

Where is the cloud

On my sun-shiny day

How long must I search

To find my way

Back to your heart

And to stay

Chapter 2 – Seven Dreams of Death

8 Aug

Ceiling drips blood-stained secrets

Upon me

Fury rages like crematory fire

Bullet through skull

Piercing delicate brain

Pain without death

She had a bad aim

Played a worse game

Hurry! Shoot again

Before conscience comes

Before horrid shock dulls.

It was a dirty trick

Letting me live

Never knowing when she would

Pull that trigger and

Bring on the end.

Visiting my lover

Happy times I found

So close to the ground

Of my grave

I told her to shoot

Suddenly realizing he

Would never see me alive

After all this time

Rush of regret

No, don’t!

My words were slow

Like a movie of a person

With a piece of metal lodged

In her skull

Too late?

I’m gasping for dry air

Bubbles burst

The hole in my head

Bleeds red

Hair color, matted, stringy

Funny feelings

Living now

Is just not for me

Everything that happens

Simply has to be.

Chapter 2 – Folklore

4 Aug

Playing grown up games


Without a conscience

Or a direction

To run

As destruction comes



Resist shock waves

Of pain

To spill light again

Through the blackened eyes

And strain

Of simply being.

I have seen this vision before


Dancing elves

And me

Singing gloomy tunes

Below them.

Chapter 2 – Linger

4 Aug

I am sitting solemn

Listening long

To your memory

I see a girl

All dressed in green

She is dancing with you

And you are holding an angel’s hand

Or was it

The mushroom queen?

A solitary man indeed

Searching for his dream

In the shiny eyes of a girl

He once knew.

She has gone away.

Listen long

Sweet, dark man

In memory of me

The city in your eyes

Will not be deserted forever

Nor will the ghosts of that town


Chapter 2 – In the Cellar

4 Aug

Persian rugs

Under fishnet canopy

Fallen nose of golden Russian

Perfect frame

Splintered glass

Face beneath unscathed

Red wrinkled satin

Bloody blue baby

Black light showering inhabitant

With glowy shine

Insanity divine

Torturous tools of terror

Shock beholder

Wine jug shavings quench

The parched pallet

Separate the pain

From the portrait

Conquer reality please

Illuminate the line to freedom

From liberation

Desecration of virtue

Land of the freak

Home of the bravest

From flea to itchy-scratch flea

Parasites spread plague

While nasty politicians

And Christians crucify

The meek and the saved

Ashes to ashes

Trust versus inevitable suicidal rust

Each of us appears the same

When all that remains

Is dust to dust

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