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Free will is a dream you must wake up from to attain.

14 Nov


3 Nov

“People who can’t write verse are paranoid and suspicious about things that rhyme.” – R. Sue





People who can’t write sentences are paranoid and suspicious about everything. – J@M

Tears and Smiles

24 Oct

When life seems to be a lot like the weather in a tropical rainforest – an abundance of sunlight, followed by a torrential rain – we can be grateful that just happens to be the ideal environment for growth.Finca Organica de Carla y Eduardo

Our most powerful virtues require solomente: Strength

24 Oct

Why is it that all the strongest virtues (patience, forgiveness, faith, prudence, fortitude) which require no action at all are the hardest to practice?

Lago Arenal nubes

Muchos cielos

What did one vulture say to another over breakfast?

18 Oct

Carrion. Carrion.

THAT person

15 Oct

You know that person who is like one of those super, extra grande meals that tastes SO good and is really fulfilling but you just can’t finish in one sitting, or even two but by the third time you’ve really had enough anyway?

I do.

Fear wears many disguises; most cunning is hate.

18 Jun

Enlightenment: That awkward moment you realize your kid knows more than you because you taught him.

10 Apr

Action is what we take when being is taken for granted.

6 Apr

Yesterday’s secrets are today’s virtues.

27 Jan
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