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Nuevos palabras/New words

29 Oct

Knowledge – the way I learned to spell this word is by remembering the phrase “know the ledge” which I always pictured in my mind as something to stand at the edge of gazing down or out depending on my mood.

Somehow, just knowing the ledge made it perfectly acceptable to be there. I often enjoy the view.

Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t be better for everyone involved if no one ever got to know too much about anything, especially the ledge.

knowledge, awareness, knowing, consciousness, familiarity, cognizance

Chapter 1 – Snakes in summer

9 Jul

Our girlfriend brought an entourage

And what a strange one

Capped head and dungarees

Fashion galore

Our kind of company

Handcrafted in copper

Such pleasure is a rarity

Like snakes painted on foreheads

In summer

Chapter 1 – Music of the night

9 Jul

Inspires a young man’s mind to

Painful confessions

Relative and past

I share with him

The sound of my own pain

He holds his head in woe

Of worldly conversations

Don’t go, he says

I am only wandering

We dance on the edge

With our sisters and brothers

Our toes teasing gravity

Our arms entwined

Unhappy homes

Lead us


Of ourselves

To each other

Chapter 1 – When

9 Jul

When Friday ends

I want to be on the road

Near him

Whoever planned a masterpiece?

Leather clad

I want to ride.

From behind his shoulders

You can’t imagine

All the sights

These eyes would see

If only

He would come

And take me.

And come away

Do not deceive me

I would but happily

Were I certain you would

Lead me

Not astray.

Chapter 1 – Sep a rate

9 Jul

We learn

We die

We are reborn







Our knowledge is limited by nothing but ignorance

We are fools

In our mortality

Slap happy

Roman Catholic philosophers who preach

Good and evil

In absolute truths

Insecurity rules us

Logically insane

Future holds no fear

For the saved

Chapter 1 – On the run

9 Jul

A dream, no fantasy

Of you and a gun

On the run

Remember, you are safe with me

You have only to believe.

A moonless sky


Your face shines

Shocking in the light

Of police cars passing

Purple in my eyes.

You are an angel without wings

To carry you above all this

Yet you soar alongside me.

Captive behind bars

We meet in sleep

Our sub-conscious minds

Mesh and we are spies

On each other.

Chapter 1 – Weightless

6 Jul

Clothing aside

Our bodies come upon

Each other

False pride soon forgotten

For reflection

Aroused by

Beauty once

Awakened by


Passionate, inspirational

Floating feeling

Chapter 1 – We are dry

6 Jul

There is never time enough

To cry

There is only time enough

For dreams and

Death. No happiness

No compromise

A man gets sick

And he forgets

Full moon promises

Rain clouds gather

To create a mist

In the sky; in your eyes

But we are dry.

Chapter 1 – Let me

6 Jul

Fear of losing my grip

On reality you see.

Damn, he is a fine man

No lie. All he needs

Is a little penance

For his crimes.

Let me tell you this

If I were

It wouldn’t be yours.

Chapter 1 – Pressed

6 Jul

Little Miss Softy

Wants to rest but

Her mind is


For time

It passes

Before my day has begun

Night has come

And there is no business

To be done

After midnight

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