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Chapter 1 – We are dry

6 Jul

There is never time enough

To cry

There is only time enough

For dreams and

Death. No happiness

No compromise

A man gets sick

And he forgets

Full moon promises

Rain clouds gather

To create a mist

In the sky; in your eyes

But we are dry.


Chapter 1 – Let me

6 Jul

Fear of losing my grip

On reality you see.

Damn, he is a fine man

No lie. All he needs

Is a little penance

For his crimes.

Let me tell you this

If I were

It wouldn’t be yours.

Chapter 1 – Pressed

6 Jul

Little Miss Softy

Wants to rest but

Her mind is


For time

It passes

Before my day has begun

Night has come

And there is no business

To be done

After midnight

Chapter 1 – Carved

5 Jul

I carved

A broken heart

On the bottom of my foot.

Each time I step

The pain of love

Is an open wound

And ooo! When sweat gets

In. How it burns! And

Soothes. So much

That I no longer

Yearn for you.

Chapter 1 – I promise

5 Jul

I would bet a million dollars

On a fair haired betrayal

If I had it.

A mad man eats his own heart out

In my dreams

Over me

I could not put him out of misery

Fast enough to please.

My lord has no pride

He lies in wait

To ambush the innocent

While I trample daisies

I pray! I fear

I run, I hide!

There is no power in this victory

One battle from a war of

Treacherous love

Games you choose to share with me

Loneliness is relative to company


If it is the big, bad wolf

You wish to be

I will wear a man of red and

Sit beneath yonder tree to wait

For thee. A basket full of

Grandmother’s treats and a

Axe man.

Together we’ll put your head

On a block

And watch with a smile

As it rolls, eyes intact

Over the miles

Of bodiless forest

And you’ll call for your mother

If you ever

I promise.

Chapter 1 – Expressionless

5 Jul

I told him once again

As he tried to spy



I said

I love you

He was


How does life get better than this?

4 Jul

I am grateful.

I am open to opportunities that improve this world, starting with myself.

I make decisions and choices that honor this life and the life of others.

I continue to strengthen every day as a giver, not just a receiver; a grower, a keeper, a steward of the fragile beauties in this life.

I listen with a clear conscience and open mind knowing everything new is new.

I heed the lessons of the past and make goals for the future but my life is here and now.

I accept and embrace the duality of nature in myself and the world I live in.

I am all I need to be at this moment.

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