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Chapter 2 – Umo ja Aiti

6 Sep

Hidden surprises

Under pillows in fancy boxes

Gifts from the motherland

Kind words that heal

I know it was difficult for you to learn

My debt to you

Is far beyond material

Sina ja mina

Parents of more than the those you bore

A lost child in a foreign land

Adopted by generosity

I understand more than you know

My only wish is that you understand me

You have become my Finland family

I want you to see

Through all the bad times

I am happy

You’ve given me more than just a home

And a warm bed

You’ve given me a new life in a new place

And you put a smile back on my face

The strength to write and start anew

I couldn’t have done these things without you

So you see, what I really want to say

Is kiitos

A family like yours is precious and few

And I know that you would say in return

Yes, thank you

19 Jul

Time dips into our tear pools… poignant for me today

Enchanted Rant

In the shadow of tomorrow’s sun

I think of nothing.

I see naught but brilliant light

Narcissus’ reflection.

Titled frame

Of wilderness wisdom.

With his second hands

Time dips into our tear pools

A ripple, at first glance.

Obscurity, then



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Chapter 2 – Sleep

19 Jul

Sleep, he said

For you are weary

And the night cold

Rest your precious eyes, flashing

Emerald stones though they may be

Dream of peace

The kind men long for and

Remember the dream well

For you may never witness its like again

Let your body limp

Open the door of you to let it wander

Do not be afraid to allow the simple air

You breathe traverse your entire


Feel the blood flowing, coursing through

Your veins. Hear your heart beat

Lungs accepting oxygen

Your brain swimming in pools of thought


Be content for just one evening

Knowing simply that you are living

Chapter 1 – Why?

9 May

Why? I ask you.
Silently pleading you’ll reply.
Help me
I whisper.
Hoping that you’ll hear my cry.
How? (Long?)
Can we hide behind this lie.
Heal me
I am wounded
And I do not wish to die
What (?)
I am saying
Should be of no great surprise
Kiss me
I want you
To look me in the eyes.
Tell me that you love me more
Then say goodbye.

Dear Sister

2 Dec

it is a great accomplishment

in life

to have succeeded so

to have conquered fear

real or imagined

to be self-sufficient

and more

to be self-reliant

financially stable

and some days even


to be healthy and happy

and to have beautiful children

to share it with

and to watch grow

and to teach

and one day to set out

on their own.

What a privilege then

it will be

to have a chat on the phone

from far away

about absolutely nothing.

Random Thought

11 Oct

Will you still need me, will you still read me when I’m 64?



9 Sep

If you wouldn’t date yourself…

Don’t even think about dating me. Seriously. Just don’t.


This public service announcement is brought to you by the people who don’t expect others to be better than they expect from themselves department of labor and statistics on better living, etc.

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