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Mother What Have You Done?

1 Oct

You crouched behind a rock

Holding the first one

An egg cradled

In your armor

Your amour

The second one was stronger

More like you

Independent, instinctually intelligent

You placed

The third one in his arms when

You thought

It died

For you

Mother, why

Set me to float away

On this dream of love

I’m still alive

It says downstream

With the voice of a man


But he doesn’t want to leave

Just yet

No one really does

A little bit louder and a little bit worse

1 Oct

Well, that was the end of a good three-month run of daily postings from the past. It just didn’t seem right not to address the fact that yesterday was the very last post from the loose pages of manuscript that are now very useful bits of scratch paper with random words on the back. Today was one of those picture perfect days on which no one remembers to bring a camera. It was beyond beautiful – even for Costa Rica. So, here’s a picture I took a few days after I arrived.

Under the rainbow

Somewhere under the rainbow

It’s hard to capture the way the light refracts off the seemingly infinite shades of green backlit by a pure azure blue. When you focus on that as I did in this picture, you lose the vibrant rusty-colored red of the roof tiles and the volcanic soil which is just as dramatic. Maybe even more so when you consider that it is just dirt. There’s something about the color of that soil. Words like rich and fertile come to mind immediately. A friend of mine told me that Costa Rica is “a study in contrasts”. I can’t think of one bigger than that between the heavens and the earth.

Muchos cielos,


Chapter 3 – Superfluous Superman

15 Sep

We need you

In these violent times

It seems there is no crime

We won’t do

All the pushers in their prison cells

Are doing business on the phone

Mail order clerks get busy with the works

And mother is crying herself to sleep at home

Out tee-vees show us real life scenes

Of death at dinner time

Slop in the trough for cops and

Robbers for dessert

How fine

Come quickly

For summer season comes early

To our city and the best prime

Time slots go almost as fast

As the redhead on the corner

Chapter 2 – It is Done

8 Aug

Irish dancing tunes

Surround my bed,

My house, my head

We are all laughing

As the skin peels

From my face and neck

Lovers are bitter

Above me

A young man lies

Below me

Kittens sleep

Beside me

My eyes are heavy

With sleepy thoughts

My hands are yet weak

From the strain of today

In the darkness

A single demon dances

Leading me

To an open door

Number three

Still more

Number four

Number one

It is done

Chapter 2 – Folklore

4 Aug

Playing grown up games


Without a conscience

Or a direction

To run

As destruction comes



Resist shock waves

Of pain

To spill light again

Through the blackened eyes

And strain

Of simply being.

I have seen this vision before


Dancing elves

And me

Singing gloomy tunes

Below them.

Chapter 2 – In the Cellar

4 Aug

Persian rugs

Under fishnet canopy

Fallen nose of golden Russian

Perfect frame

Splintered glass

Face beneath unscathed

Red wrinkled satin

Bloody blue baby

Black light showering inhabitant

With glowy shine

Insanity divine

Torturous tools of terror

Shock beholder

Wine jug shavings quench

The parched pallet

Separate the pain

From the portrait

Conquer reality please

Illuminate the line to freedom

From liberation

Desecration of virtue

Land of the freak

Home of the bravest

From flea to itchy-scratch flea

Parasites spread plague

While nasty politicians

And Christians crucify

The meek and the saved

Ashes to ashes

Trust versus inevitable suicidal rust

Each of us appears the same

When all that remains

Is dust to dust

Chapter 2 – For Christian

1 Aug

Black asphalt burns

Warm red hearts

Sitting, sizzling in the sun

Listening to traffic

Singing to passers by

All about death

And love

When will they hear

Our howling under the moon

Shallow in their holes

Half covered in earth

Chapter 2 – Material Money Madness

31 Jul

Matters; it was money matters

Far from madness, yes?

Centipede orchards

Golden candy meltdowns


Cross red lines to shallow graves

Save falling snow

None of us were made to hit the

Ground and melt

Chapter 2 – Known

20 Jul

I have known you from afar

Often I have seen your face behind closed eyes

As the scenes I witness force darkness upon me

You are the light but silent, my woman child

Hear me well

I have a proposition for you – yes, you

He kisses her hand and

His lips are cold, but she thinks

Maybe not for long

I want you to be my wilderness

I will explore every part of you



Want to be explored

Our souls are now

Too separate

Let us come together

We can call it destiny

Or fate

Or we can call it love

We shall take this

You and me

And shape it into us

Come my love

And take my hand

He was strong

But so was she

Trembling into eternity

The dreamers

Walked together

Hand in hand

Into the darkness

And were illumined

By the sheer distance

Chapter 2 – Yes, Warm

20 Jul

Swarm of thoughts caress my skull

Yes, heat

To beat the anger from my soul

Yes, fire

Consumes desire for the flesh

Yes, sun

To soothe my wounds

Yes, flame

To hide the shame of imperfection

Yes, burning

Ever yearning for the touch

Yes, hot

And not afraid of dying lonely

Yes, warm






Yes, shine.

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