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Chapter 3 – The Subject of Our Conversation

26 Sep


From planes of reality to

The extent of our imaginations

Defining each other

Sounding off – sharing

We found ourselves

Searching, strolling

Sometimes staggering

On a path of similar direction

For now, he is no stranger

The ink we spill so


Insatiable is my song

However imperfect the pitch

Our words – how ever permanent

Soon fade

Just as distance provokes a shout

And mountains mimic us in echo

I heard you as you spoke

Of tomorrow’s memories

Chapter 3 – Yes, I Hunger

13 Sep

A glutton; I feast on

“Meating” of Rebel Lions

Or chewing on rose petals

Of red, of love

I read

One Hundred Years of Solitude

I write

Only to eat each word by word

I gulp my mocha espresso

And sip my wine by the bottle

A glassful of conversation

Is my craving

A desireful companion

I would cherish

A being-filled co-existence

Complete this wanting wish list

My soul is full and yet

I am, and I hunger

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