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Nuevos palabras/New words

29 Oct

Knowledge – the way I learned to spell this word is by remembering the phrase “know the ledge” which I always pictured in my mind as something to stand at the edge of gazing down or out depending on my mood.

Somehow, just knowing the ledge made it perfectly acceptable to be there. I often enjoy the view.

Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t be better for everyone involved if no one ever got to know too much about anything, especially the ledge.

knowledge, awareness, knowing, consciousness, familiarity, cognizance

Chapter 3 – Yes

26 Sep

We have kissed

Connected, killed


Dowsed and drown


A scorpion underfoot

Chapter 3 – The Sweetest Satire

26 Sep


The fawn of devilish childish


I’ll not return to this


Alas, I am at the mercy

Of my own hand

Having removed myself from the game

Ignoble in my cause

Now facing defeat, I give in

Conspicuous shudders of revolt

They’ll not shut me down

Not to sufferance nor shame

They’ll never make me sleep

I shall sever such sadism with

The sweetest satire

Chapter 2 – Folklore

4 Aug

Playing grown up games


Without a conscience

Or a direction

To run

As destruction comes



Resist shock waves

Of pain

To spill light again

Through the blackened eyes

And strain

Of simply being.

I have seen this vision before


Dancing elves

And me

Singing gloomy tunes

Below them.

Chapter 2 – Tonight

4 Aug

Tonight Toni and I were given the grand tour of Jasu’s bakery. Sweets for the sweet and coffee. Returning home again we watched Dead Poet’s Society dubbed over in Finnish. Would love to go to that school. Be challenged like that. Belong in that way. Perhaps in the morning these thoughts will leave me. We shall see. Besides, it’s really quite a futile wish to learn anything here except the language or how to survive in a foreign country. That’s not much. Or is it? Why do I find myself without the proper words to express it? I ask a lot of questions these days that never seem to be answered.

A leather jacket with red lining

Keeps us warm

But why is the lining red?

Why is it that a silver spoon gets hot?

And cats always sit on what we have

In our laps?

Fashion, Kinetics  and Attention.

I can answer these few.

But what moves my brain

To ask this of you?

What exactly is

The unspeakable?

Where do its limits range?

Why do apples grow on trees

And carrots in the ground?

What is language?

What is sound?

Is what we feel that which we touch?

Do we taste what we smell

When grandmother’s cooking

Entices us?

Does anyone not listen to a clock tick?

The unknown –

You knew I would inquire

Does true love burn like fire?

Or does it glow?

Will I ever know?

How did eternity come to be?

Is this some sort of obsession with me?

And finally –

What is a question?

Chapter 2 – For Vesa, In sweet sober memory

1 Aug

Cross your legs at the knees

Young man

See what you may

Through the pain of this morning’s light

In a queer way I always thought

Falling for a drunk

Was far better than sleeping sober

And alone.

Sipping my vodka I wonder

Where you are now

And why you chose the kitchen floor

Instead of her bed

What thoughts have been sloshing around

In your weary, weaving head?

Myriad portraits I sketch

My words the paint

Conveying messages to you

For you

About you.

I write

While you seek the place

You’ll close your blurry eyes

And lay your body down


Chapter 2 – Dancing Soldier

29 Jul

Of groove

Uniform tight

Laced up boots

Heavy, awkward

Laser light fashion show

Bent knees alternate

Straight spine impeccable

Arms stiff at the sides

Saluting lip kissed carpets

Some beauty queen

Hits the scene

And he has got the beat

Yeah, a slap in the face

‘Cause he grabbed her ass

Before the slow song started

Chapter 2 – Sacrifice

27 Jul

Now I lay my head to rest

My weary bones put to the test

I shut my eyes

I dream of death

Sublime and happiness.

Should it be prophecy

And come to light before

The sun has risen me –

I will not fight.

I’ll wear a smile

For those who have known me

In this life

And those I have known in the next.

And as the night surrounds me

I’ll awake from this slumber

Of suffering

And sacrifice.

Chapter 2 – Known

20 Jul

I have known you from afar

Often I have seen your face behind closed eyes

As the scenes I witness force darkness upon me

You are the light but silent, my woman child

Hear me well

I have a proposition for you – yes, you

He kisses her hand and

His lips are cold, but she thinks

Maybe not for long

I want you to be my wilderness

I will explore every part of you



Want to be explored

Our souls are now

Too separate

Let us come together

We can call it destiny

Or fate

Or we can call it love

We shall take this

You and me

And shape it into us

Come my love

And take my hand

He was strong

But so was she

Trembling into eternity

The dreamers

Walked together

Hand in hand

Into the darkness

And were illumined

By the sheer distance

Chapter 2 – The Dream Story

20 Jul

She sits

Faded green velvet chair

He stares

Through smoke filled air

The wallpaper looms

His eyes inviting

Her vision

Cloudy with drink

Spirits sent

And one white lily

More than handsome

Was this man’s beauty

And only in her dreams

He would come to her

She wouldn’t wait long

Her name he sang

A most exquisite sound

He spoke

And not in vain

With harsh determination

As in a dream

Her dream

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