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Chapter 2 – It is Done

8 Aug

Irish dancing tunes

Surround my bed,

My house, my head

We are all laughing

As the skin peels

From my face and neck

Lovers are bitter

Above me

A young man lies

Below me

Kittens sleep

Beside me

My eyes are heavy

With sleepy thoughts

My hands are yet weak

From the strain of today

In the darkness

A single demon dances

Leading me

To an open door

Number three

Still more

Number four

Number one

It is done

Chapter 2 – A poem for the fax machine

13 Jul

The passing days are glorious centuries

This country permeates my boundless curiosity

Yet as I stand in the wake of my dreams

Or simply alone on the balcony

I cannot help but call your name

If only to hear my voice echo in the

Solitary darkness

A word it seems I’ve only written



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