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27 Oct


Way back then

when I dipped my

big toe in the chocolate

fondue pot and it was all

feng shui in the house we built

around love but I got squirmy ‘cause

it felt too good like that day you tried to

eat it all the way home little piggy style so I got

us a school girl giggle with misspelling who loved cupcakes

even when the jump rope tied to your leg

rendered it inoperable, sooner or now and later

we were tired of wrestling as the floor arched

golden between 67 and 73 was about as high

as we could get before the cavities, after

shots shocked chock-full of cancer

or was it the twins who had

to come to my own conclusions

about whether or not we’d have

room for a view

if we said?

I do.

Chapter 2 – Come for Me

31 Jul

Grey ghost

In rags you dress

Appropriate on occasion

Numbered days oppress my

Reeling soul from feeling

Fresh disease growing

Hourly upon skin

Trembling breath, rise and fall


Words flow with no

Connecting rail

The road to heart

Bridged with fatal scars

For soft new pink

The train of life’s profanities

Does blow it’s horn

Ominous, anonymous

Tradesman without craft

Vein shaft

I lie in wait

To take or be taken

By unknown wrath

Chapter 2 – In the Cemetery

27 Jul

A wounded solider watches over

Four graveless headstones

Generations of family

Buried together.

Visiting my own grave

Before I’ve died and gone away

See, the apples trees bloom

the sun still shines

In the cemetery

Where she was placed into the ground

Not long ago

Garden of marble

Interrupted by a single wooden cross

White words and a fortune lost

Perhaps a simple man

A horrid fate

Oh mother earth

Oh father time

Immortality is giving

Birth to us

Chapter 2 – The Future

19 Jul

As blind, as dismal, as dark, as bleak

As the truth we do slovenly seek

All eyes and hearts and minds

We search for answers in the


Of time.

To the believers and the preachers

And to all those sitting on their asses

In the hard, wooden bleachers

I say

Get up!

Stand up!

On your own two feet.

Show us life

With all its miracles and strife

Show us fear and defeat

Spread success and then retreat.

For in the end, my dear sweet friends

All of our bones will creak.

We are as old as we are weak.

In the end

You can silently go back to sleep

Once again.

Chapter 2 – Sleep

19 Jul

Sleep, he said

For you are weary

And the night cold

Rest your precious eyes, flashing

Emerald stones though they may be

Dream of peace

The kind men long for and

Remember the dream well

For you may never witness its like again

Let your body limp

Open the door of you to let it wander

Do not be afraid to allow the simple air

You breathe traverse your entire


Feel the blood flowing, coursing through

Your veins. Hear your heart beat

Lungs accepting oxygen

Your brain swimming in pools of thought


Be content for just one evening

Knowing simply that you are living

Chapter 2 – Massacre

16 Jul

If the whole world

Had tear stained cheeks

Would there still be a question

As to whether or not we should unite

Would there still be doubt

That together we can be innumerable minds in one

Lovers, givers of life

Curious kids, more adept at solving


Than leading  philosophers

Scientists, nuclear physicists

Titles and so many more meaningless

Makeshift memory making morons

On their way to massacre

Chapter 1 – It’s Coming!

29 Jun

Catastrophe made her hungry

Until she ate herself sick

And drank to swallow heaves

The tornado is over

In its path

Human suffering, felled trees

Leveled buildings

G-d’s wrath

Claims the innocent

Leaves the destitute

Brings love home

A woman quotes newscasters

Cross-streets, casualties

Disregarded warnings

Your time is coming

You better have your house in order

Family in line

Taller to shorter

It’s coming. It’s Coming. IT’S COMING!

Chapter 1 – The show is over

23 Jun

I write for myself

A captive audience

Quiet. Attentive.

Nearly inaudible

Eyes search the crowd


No one

I shout, I bow

I clap

My presence is known

I am no longer alone

They hear my words

On this stage

In this spotlight

I am warmed

By the company of strangers

I am welcomed

By accomplished artists

But life goes on

So I leave it

To those


Chapter 1 – Any Game

23 Jun

Hearts grow fond of

Each other’s company.

It’s a wonder our

Legs don’t grow together

Breaking the ribbon

In a three-legged race.

Empty sadness

At the fair’s end

Consoled by first prize and

Some chocolate pie

Winner’s pride

Soon subsides as

Lonely gloating

Gets silly in the backseat

Or the rearview mirror.

Tiny wrinkles in your skin

Just like his

Give away the prize

Laughingly you embrace

You own reflection

As your only friend

At the end of every competition

The race goes on

So, produce or

Be e-rased.

You can dance and play

But you are nothing

Until you create

The taste is sweet

Of any game.

Chapter 1 – Whatever

15 Jun

Whatever comes to mind

Be it rain

Or fog

Or sleep

G-d’s masterpiece

And belief

Is for the persistent

Heartache for the weak

Everything has already been said

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