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27 Oct


Way back then

when I dipped my

big toe in the chocolate

fondue pot and it was all

feng shui in the house we built

around love but I got squirmy ‘cause

it felt too good like that day you tried to

eat it all the way home little piggy style so I got

us a school girl giggle with misspelling who loved cupcakes

even when the jump rope tied to your leg

rendered it inoperable, sooner or now and later

we were tired of wrestling as the floor arched

golden between 67 and 73 was about as high

as we could get before the cavities, after

shots shocked chock-full of cancer

or was it the twins who had

to come to my own conclusions

about whether or not we’d have

room for a view

if we said?

I do.

What did one vulture say to another over breakfast?

18 Oct

Carrion. Carrion.

THAT person

15 Oct

You know that person who is like one of those super, extra grande meals that tastes SO good and is really fulfilling but you just can’t finish in one sitting, or even two but by the third time you’ve really had enough anyway?

I do.

Chapter 2 – Ballad for the Death of Lofty

19 Jul

The flowers still bloom

In the spot where she killed

Old Lofty

Her gun as cold and hard as

Her woman’s heart of steel.

Folks around here claim

The blood and stench

Of the unburied

Left its mark

Where once the earth was arid

There grows an immaculate garden

Among exotic blooms

Lofty’s bones take in the sun.

Perhaps his death was meant to be

And the woman meant to be praised

For in this town of three-hundred

And one

So fine a flower was never grown.

Still, we saw the woman hanged

And we buried the remains

And the people of the town agreed

Poor old Lofty had not died in vain.

Chapter 1 – Easy

19 Jun

Easy on the ice, she said

I am in love with her cherry

Red head.

Bestial knobs of horns

And her pert pale chest.

Make it to go, I say

With extra whipped cream


I fondle her beads with my eyes.

Pay me some more attention

Before I give you his money

And go.

I sit with a thorny bush.

One violet rose for company.

Girlfriends laughingly embrace

As I write

My words flowing with a sweet

Stinging moisture that permeates.

Chapter 1 – And We

4 Jun

What is this family of wild manimals?

A pride of carnivores, do we prey

Or are we sucked upon and eaten like

Tootsie pops


Swallowed and


Chapter 1 – Man Sits

13 May

Man sits

 at the top

of the food chain


for someone

to feed him

or die.

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