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Best Coffee Ever

26 Oct

You drilled a hole in my head this morning

fresh ground just barely

boiling you pressed

your forehead against

the mines, our minds


parece las piedras preciosas

con leche

and honey,

there’s nothing cliche about that


Mine the heart, mind the head.


10 Oct

How much can I miss you
Cuánto te extraño

no matter how the day goes
aunque no el dia se pase

I long for you each evening
te deseo cada noches

and every morning when I awake
y despierto todas las mañanas

my heart is full of you once more
reponer mi corazón con su fe

vista al lago

How deep is the night

Chapter 2 – A Deadication

6 Sep

My heart doesn’t bleed

For if it did

I would be mercifully released from this world

My hands are the bloody ones

Digging, scraping

At the very door to my chamber of firearms

They are rap, rap, rapping and scratching

Pitifully, to no avail

Entry is refused

Where is the key?

By my hand

This door will fall

I will deny the heart its ache

To acquire the jewels of the soul

Chapter 1 – I Dared

18 May

(Then) I dared to live

And love and


To falter

I dared to dream

And hope and



I sought to fill

A gaping hole

Between myself

And what I named


It got me nothing

Save a hole

In my heart

Over you.


(Now) I dare to live

And love and yes!

To be grateful.

I dare to dream

And hope is no longer

Simply the absence of pain

Faith fills my once insatiable desire

and wisdom comes from knowing

That naming reality

Still gets me nothing.

But my heart is whole.

I’m over you.

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