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Chapter 2 – The Market Place

12 Sep

Strawberry stained

Summer rain

A gypsy woman asks my name

“your future” she says

“for a fee”

All I have is the twenty marks

She asks of me

Wearing her wealth in fine and weighty


She never minded that I could not speak

Her language

In her dark hands she held mine and

Read the story on my palm

My destiny

“Autumn approaches and soon

Her leaves will cover the ground

From this land, you must be gone

For what I say is true –

If you stay in one place too long

Autumn’s leaves will cover you!”

Chapter 1 – The Underground

18 Jun

The world of reality


Time stops to freeze dripping

Water from the pipe that lead

Me here

Silent language of palm

Scratching out messages of


In the black light

I see her eyes

Green with animosity

Swallowing a letter from my lover

Savoring memories

I chose to chew

A path

To the other world

Where music soothes my senses

And your words give me shelter

From heartless, lascivious stares

At the underground

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