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Chapter 2 – Sweet Artillery

7 Sep

She looks like a cactus

Hard and harmful

She feels like a teddy bear

Soft and plentiful

Her glance will cut you in half

While her lips sew you back

She walks and she runs

From danger

She is no foolish lover

No stranger

Her distance will disarm you

Her wit will hand you guns

No harm shall come

To the man who is given

And carries

Her weapons

For she does not give of them freely

As she does her tired heart

From the man she promises her protection

This girl shall never part

Chapter 2 – I Touch You

10 Aug

Air is cold against my head

Like a damp cloth

Or your sweat

Drip, drip, dripping

Upon my boiling skin

So hot

I breathe

My nose, my throat

Dry and burning

With curiosity

Longing for the wetness of your touch

Your kisses

Soothing my lips

Cracked and bleeding

Your mouth

Holding my warm breath

The smell of your day

Upon me

Mingling with a top note

Of passion

And the aftertaste of


I can’t get you deep enough inside me

Your tongue, your teeth

I want to chew your flesh

And swallow you whole

Eat me up

And down



And here


You found someone

Who wants you

Just as much as

You want to be wanted

Chapter 2 – Remember

31 Jul

Your fingers in my hair

Your hand on my cheek

Your lips on my lips

In my dreams

I feel you breathing against me

Denial is a band-aid over my lashes

When I awake

From this dream

And remember

It’ll rip my heart out again.

Chapter 1 – I Thought

13 May

I thought there was something

To everything

And nothing interested me

About anyone

So, I went about my life

Keeping secrets I would

Never share with everyone.


And the secret is

I wouldn’t have

If I had someone.


So still, my lips are closed

To open ears

The secrets long forgotten

With the passing of the years

And oh, my friends

What I would give

Now that the time is gone

To have given of myself

So that my song

On the lips of another

Might carry on

And on and on.

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