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Chapter 3 – The Subject of Our Conversation

26 Sep


From planes of reality to

The extent of our imaginations

Defining each other

Sounding off – sharing

We found ourselves

Searching, strolling

Sometimes staggering

On a path of similar direction

For now, he is no stranger

The ink we spill so


Insatiable is my song

However imperfect the pitch

Our words – how ever permanent

Soon fade

Just as distance provokes a shout

And mountains mimic us in echo

I heard you as you spoke

Of tomorrow’s memories

Chapter 2 – For Vesa, In sweet sober memory

1 Aug

Cross your legs at the knees

Young man

See what you may

Through the pain of this morning’s light

In a queer way I always thought

Falling for a drunk

Was far better than sleeping sober

And alone.

Sipping my vodka I wonder

Where you are now

And why you chose the kitchen floor

Instead of her bed

What thoughts have been sloshing around

In your weary, weaving head?

Myriad portraits I sketch

My words the paint

Conveying messages to you

For you

About you.

I write

While you seek the place

You’ll close your blurry eyes

And lay your body down


Chapter 1 – The Underground

18 Jun

The world of reality


Time stops to freeze dripping

Water from the pipe that lead

Me here

Silent language of palm

Scratching out messages of


In the black light

I see her eyes

Green with animosity

Swallowing a letter from my lover

Savoring memories

I chose to chew

A path

To the other world

Where music soothes my senses

And your words give me shelter

From heartless, lascivious stares

At the underground

You’ve heard this one before

3 Mar

It’s that song

That song that keeps playing in your head

But it’s only the chorus

And you can’t remember the name

Or maybe you never knew it

So you just sing along

Hoping that it will just go away by itself

A passing infection

Not serious enough to wonder how

Not yet annoying enough to wonder when.


It’s one of the songs you used to love

The song you played every morning when you woke up

And every night before you went to sleep

But you don’t know the name of the band

Or the album it’s on

Because when you swapped playlists

With your lover, or maybe it was your best friend

The data was lost and even Microsoft cannot recover it.


It’s a song, maybe one of many

That you loved once

And now you wish you could delete forever

From your hard-drive, or your heart

But you won’t

Because there are too many to sift through

And some you haven’t yet heard

So you skip tracks

Sometimes several at a time

To get to the ones you know

The ones you still want to hear.


It’s the song that always plays first

When you set your media player to random

The one you can only find deliberately

Sorted by the date the exchange was made

Or the date the file was modified

And your life was altered.


It’s the song that reminds you

Of him, or of her

And you don’t care anymore

It doesn’t hurt

It’s just a good song

That you loved once.



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