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Chapter 3 – Groves

15 Sep

I love you, mom

You plant seeds that grow

Our saplings only bleed the soil dry

Around your great tree

Of life

You have given us the roots

We need to balance

Help us now to spider

To reach our goals

Set ever higher

Mother, you are sunlight

Shine up our chosen paths

Delight us

With what you know

So that

We might follow

The seeds you have planted

Will grow strong with a tender touch

And your love

In groves


Chapter 3 – What Have I

14 Sep

What have I lost

I never had

Past the point of consideration

Auna Joy was born today

February 14, 1995

Baby girl

Your mom was swollen with you


And you never even opened up

Your eyes for us – not


I watched you making faces

With your mother’s mouth

As she slept I watched her

Do the same

Your teenage uncle held you in

His hands afraid to hold you

I was too, but when you rested

In my arms at last I felt

A miracle like you could happen

Only once

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