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A man, a plan – Panama

14 Oct

Damn, if he doesn’t look just like you

He will

I left room in my life for someone

Like you

Planned your life

In spite of

Or despite

Someone like me

Maybe now that she sees

How happy you are

She will

Come back

In time

You might too

Eventually, someday, maybe

She might find

A man with a plan

Same as me

With a little cut-out in the shape of a heart

Just like hers

So she can close the book

Slide it back into the empty spot

Where it belongs

And be content

With someone

Just like

We planned

jardin botanica

aibohphobia n. The fear of palindromes.

Chapter 3 – The Subject of Our Conversation

26 Sep


From planes of reality to

The extent of our imaginations

Defining each other

Sounding off – sharing

We found ourselves

Searching, strolling

Sometimes staggering

On a path of similar direction

For now, he is no stranger

The ink we spill so


Insatiable is my song

However imperfect the pitch

Our words – how ever permanent

Soon fade

Just as distance provokes a shout

And mountains mimic us in echo

I heard you as you spoke

Of tomorrow’s memories

Chapter 2 – My Self Is

10 Aug

My self is

Foreign to me now

How I wish that I

Might find the woman who

Lives inside my body

She told me a story once

About a man

I can believe her if I choose

She said

Someday you will be happy, I promise

And he said

I love you

Chapter 2 – For Babies

1 Aug

Today I realized what an incredible miracle your life will be. I gasped in amazement at the thought of your birth. You are not yet tangible and yet you have filled your mother’s belly with your presence. I can’t wait to meet you, child of light and love. Your life will be one of laughter and learning and imagination and will in turn give life to those around you.

December 1994 – Inspired by Heather’s baby Auna

Chapter 2 – Understanding

27 Jul

Snake drawing

Nympho scrawling

Sin sharing

Name dropping

Skin shedding



Given warnings

Lead pipes

Heavy lungs

Someone sits

Barstool breaks

Glass splinters

Bare feet

Come with me

To eternity

Where all is known

And nothing

Gets mentioned

Where lovers hide

And children play

And it rains

And it cleanses

The bad things away

Until no one is laughing

Until there is

No more

Chapter 2 – A Kiss

27 Jul

A kiss was all it took

For them to give us everything.

Some days I had it in my mind

To try the same.

When I fell he picked me up

Brushed me off and told me

I was his beautiful little red-headed minx

His high school girl.

On happy days he marveled at my intelligence

My cunning, my skill at shoplifting

Convenience items we would need

For after he dosed us.

We lived in an abandoned wooden house

I went to class with glassy wide eyes

When the electricity was turned off

Because the school was air-conditioned

And someone was always selling

That cheesy popcorn I loved

And I got to pretend

I was just like you

But better

My secret never

Saw the light of day

Until she engaged me

To run away

With her home

And I did

I escaped

But it wasn’t far enough

Away from the love

I knew

And it was much too far away

From the love

I needed

The love

You had

The love I couldn’t see

Because it was

Virtuous and new

And honest

Like nothing

I had ever seen before.

Chapter 2 – Known

20 Jul

I have known you from afar

Often I have seen your face behind closed eyes

As the scenes I witness force darkness upon me

You are the light but silent, my woman child

Hear me well

I have a proposition for you – yes, you

He kisses her hand and

His lips are cold, but she thinks

Maybe not for long

I want you to be my wilderness

I will explore every part of you



Want to be explored

Our souls are now

Too separate

Let us come together

We can call it destiny

Or fate

Or we can call it love

We shall take this

You and me

And shape it into us

Come my love

And take my hand

He was strong

But so was she

Trembling into eternity

The dreamers

Walked together

Hand in hand

Into the darkness

And were illumined

By the sheer distance

Chapter 1 – Uprooted

25 Jun

And into the night

Have you sensed my presence

In uprooted flowers

And summoned my spirit

With desireous flame

Chapter 1 – One Soul

15 Jun

Oh, mother earth

Dear father time

I am just a girl

One soul

Drifting into dreamscapes

I lie awake in your mountainous plains

Night is day.

“Resume,” you say?



My feet are with you, mother.

My eyes have seen you, father.

Passing as clouds will

Soiling my hands

Am I weightless as I

Walk upon your land

Without ambition?

Months of thirty-one

Compare to leap years

I am reminded of time

By a changing moon

It is then I travel onward.

Chapter 1 – The Mountain

6 Jun

The mountain burned bright

Darkness has passed and left me to

Snap pictures of dead rose bushes and

A woodpecker pecking on an iron gate

Another sleepless night turns to midday

As I flounder on the shore of the shallow

Water of sanity’s ocean never again to

Be submerged in the salty seas of that which

took me much too far away from me

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