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Chapter 2 – I Used To

2 Sep

I used to verse

On ocean waves

That never burned

Or blew

Bitter mist into my face

Snow that rarely

Blanketed the earth

Or gave me

Flakes to taste

Voices speaking

Foreign  words

For me to decipher

Or laughter

In which I found pain


Painted on crevices

Into skin

With pins

Blood – I used

To leave my

Sinister conclusions behind

Or far from me

In this light

I have seen the future

Witnessed past

Now to make

These perfect memories last

Chapter 2 – Catastrophe

17 Jul





Vodka dripping slowly from mouth

To throat, to pale exposed breast

Sound of passion next door

Bed posts knocking down walls

While we paint pretty pictures

With a box of sixty-four

And Walt Disney

Need one more

Just the perfect shade of red

No wax would do

There is no asking in this game

We only learn to like the pain

Now Minnie Mouse wears a

Blood red bow

Playing slow

Hard clear liquid turns to life

Dripping deliberately from

Wrist to mouth

Like a bell it hits the floor

White shoe, red ribbon

Oh, happy morning

Fantastical fantasy

Product of ecstasy

Imagination, concatenations

Abundance of trust

Without it

We may have fainted

Chapter 1 – The Joke

5 May

The joke went on for months after you left

at home I found you playing chess

your girl staring at me through the glass

or perhaps her own reflection

a crystal ball into her future

outside the warmth of your knowledge

your family.

Take your son and be happy.

Someday I might think this joke is funny.

When you are laughing and playing

with the next one

remember the beautiful one, the lonely one

the quiet one.

The one who silently walked away

without a mention

of all those wasted years

or what might have been.

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