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“Find one with two legs, you deserve that.”

16 Nov

You seem to forget

I remind you

How to remember

What you long for

Desire, cherish, covet, seek

An elixir to cure

My voice

From your honey-crusted hide

Pulled drum stick taught/to beat my heart

Against your face/the facts

Are nearby/tomorrow

You may recall

How you never stood a

Chance/meeting up

Against my skin, moon, starry eyes

After midnight before

The croon, swoon

My lover, I made you/on one

Occasion/two different


Three choices

The other guys never stood a chance.

From the left seat I can see that you were right

11 Nov

I reside in heavens

when we fly it’s very clear

the bigger organism we

are apart of/from up

here/now vision clouded

with/by ether, our lives below

the bible thumping belt, so rare

did you think I wasn’t looking when you quietly ordered

yourself back into submission from the menu

or was that for those to whom you say life is good like comfort food for breakfast

on saturday just before noon in our pajamas with the radio playing/the smell of grease

and gasoline in your hair, citrus on the wind

real maple syrup and bacon/your favorite

race on television. We did things

on that leather couch that would embarrass the children if they existed

we spooned entire days into a bowling ball bag

you won/lost, as if we had nothing

more important to do than touch each other until we did

or maybe we only manufactured that/you

came down from your mountain-top to pull me up

and I was so grateful I gave you things

to desire instead

of me/but when I called down to you from mine

you couldn’t hear me any more

than when I used to tell you

I had a dream

in the night/you reached

out for me from your

fear of light/sleepers

women pilots

weak people


and we would fly

blindly, madly

in love with passenger seats, advanced

stall warning recovery

whether predictions

down-shifting, flights planned

restricted/visual ceiling fan rules

taking precedence under the covers

your feet my pedals

clutching, crabbing

our forte

negative g-forced

free fall

A Certain Feeling

16 Oct

There’s a certain feeling  I get, knowing you were in my bed with me last night. It doesn’t even matter that you may never be again. Because tonight I can smell you on my pillows and this morning I laughed as I realized the extraneous patience I had for untangling the sideways blanket and sheets while making the bed which you do so much more efficiently than me.

Too bad we slept in this morning. I’m happy you traded breakfast for that new position though. Reminds me of a pair of scissors when I look back at your hands on my hips. Your body splitting me in two at the waist. The dreamy gaze your eyes blink back when you hit the snooze button one more time and the spot that makes us both gasp and smile warm, cottony smiles at each other as we pull back the sheets again.

In fact, I’m glad you’re not here. It gives me time to remember the way you laced your fingers in mine as we sweat ourselves to sleep. How you asked me to come for you again and again because you like it. How hard you worked not to. How you leaned in for one last kiss before unconsciousness took over. How you pulled me close entwining your legs with my legs, your feet with my feet.

I like it like that. One for you and four for me. Although, if you were here I would have proof it was not a dream. And if it was, I am so glad I am right here in the perfect place to recreate it. Here again in my bed, the sheets now neatly tucked under the pillow on one side. My hands are your hands between my legs. I’m wet just thinking about you but you know that from experience.

The fruit was good. Thank you. Last night your flesh was a ripe, purple plum between my teeth and this morning I ate you again for breakfast.

Chapter 3 – Yes

26 Sep

We have kissed

Connected, killed


Dowsed and drown


A scorpion underfoot

Chapter 2 – My Teeth

10 Aug

My teeth are stones in sunlight

Pieces of French bread in a

Broken toaster

Teasing me

With presence and disappearance

Your tongue flicks

Over my entire body

A vast and spacious desert

Whose drought has lasted

Far beyond its time

Whose rain has long since

Been prayed for

There is a storm

A painful tearing storm

Always before the rain

And the storm passes without warning

I am your desert

You are my storm

Stay with me a while

Until it’s time to move on

And when the time

Comes for promises

Leave me with nothing

Less than solid faith

That one day you

Will return

And I will wait

Chapter 1 – I promise

5 Jul

I would bet a million dollars

On a fair haired betrayal

If I had it.

A mad man eats his own heart out

In my dreams

Over me

I could not put him out of misery

Fast enough to please.

My lord has no pride

He lies in wait

To ambush the innocent

While I trample daisies

I pray! I fear

I run, I hide!

There is no power in this victory

One battle from a war of

Treacherous love

Games you choose to share with me

Loneliness is relative to company


If it is the big, bad wolf

You wish to be

I will wear a man of red and

Sit beneath yonder tree to wait

For thee. A basket full of

Grandmother’s treats and a

Axe man.

Together we’ll put your head

On a block

And watch with a smile

As it rolls, eyes intact

Over the miles

Of bodiless forest

And you’ll call for your mother

If you ever

I promise.

Chapter 1 – Unchartered land

29 Jun

As if I were a gentle lady

Captured by pirates of the sea

Your voice stands as a beacon to me

Leading me to shore

Weak in the knees

From salty breezes

To your firm unchartered land

You should know it pleases me to

Feel your strong grasp on my hand

I am woman, you are my man

Let our loves begin with freedom

And so our souls cannot be cheated

Let us create a kingdom

That will not be easily defeated

Chapter 1 – Pretending

21 Jun

He left me

Twelve red roses

I’m pretending it was you.

He says, “If I ever go –

I would only go

With you.”

You only laugh because

You’ve been there more

Than once without me.

He says he wants to

Marry me away

From all my sins.

You dowse all thought

Of morality in carnal pleasure


He loves my brain.

You worship my body.

I blame him

For all the pain

I have ever known

And he says he is sorry.

You are forever in the mood.

He tells me that he loves me

I am pretending it was you.

Chapter 1 – Absent Wrath

14 Jun

Would it please m’lord

To hear me say I love thee

Would it please you to look down

Upon my face

Your sword unsheathed

on bended knees

An absent wrath in swollen lips

Chapter 1 – Love Ballad of the Introvert

9 Jun

Can’t reach

No fear

Feel pain

Sin again

Watch yourself

Wonder why

All you see

Behind closed eyes

Leads you back

To certain demise

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