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Chapter 2 – Understanding

27 Jul

Snake drawing

Nympho scrawling

Sin sharing

Name dropping

Skin shedding



Given warnings

Lead pipes

Heavy lungs

Someone sits

Barstool breaks

Glass splinters

Bare feet

Come with me

To eternity

Where all is known

And nothing

Gets mentioned

Where lovers hide

And children play

And it rains

And it cleanses

The bad things away

Until no one is laughing

Until there is

No more

Chapter 1 – A Message

14 May

A message

in the form of fire.

Young man

you are in trouble.

I cannot help you.

Your sin

Is standing by

To watch as your life

Is destroyed

With no one

To capture

Love in her stupidity.

You should have

Belonged to me.

That would have been better

Than certain

Systematic death.

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