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Chapter 2 – Ill

8 Aug

My heart is ill

With fever

Smoke clouds my eyes

I fear forever

My mind aches

With reason and decision

Thought brings me

No nearer to consolation

Or destination

My toes drown

In frozen fear

Breaking at the joints

Swimming restlessly

In my black shoes

Haunting you are

He is

Experience teaches me only

The need to learn more

Where is the cloud

On my sun-shiny day

How long must I search

To find my way

Back to your heart

And to stay


Chapter 2 – For Vesa, In sweet sober memory

1 Aug

Cross your legs at the knees

Young man

See what you may

Through the pain of this morning’s light

In a queer way I always thought

Falling for a drunk

Was far better than sleeping sober

And alone.

Sipping my vodka I wonder

Where you are now

And why you chose the kitchen floor

Instead of her bed

What thoughts have been sloshing around

In your weary, weaving head?

Myriad portraits I sketch

My words the paint

Conveying messages to you

For you

About you.

I write

While you seek the place

You’ll close your blurry eyes

And lay your body down


Chapter 2 – Sacrifice

27 Jul

Now I lay my head to rest

My weary bones put to the test

I shut my eyes

I dream of death

Sublime and happiness.

Should it be prophecy

And come to light before

The sun has risen me –

I will not fight.

I’ll wear a smile

For those who have known me

In this life

And those I have known in the next.

And as the night surrounds me

I’ll awake from this slumber

Of suffering

And sacrifice.

Chapter 2 – The Future

19 Jul

As blind, as dismal, as dark, as bleak

As the truth we do slovenly seek

All eyes and hearts and minds

We search for answers in the


Of time.

To the believers and the preachers

And to all those sitting on their asses

In the hard, wooden bleachers

I say

Get up!

Stand up!

On your own two feet.

Show us life

With all its miracles and strife

Show us fear and defeat

Spread success and then retreat.

For in the end, my dear sweet friends

All of our bones will creak.

We are as old as we are weak.

In the end

You can silently go back to sleep

Once again.

Chapter 2 – Serenity

19 Jul

If I could draw serenity I would

Serenity is sleeping with the lights off

Serenity is letting your feet dangle over

The side of your bed

Never fearing what lies underneath

It is a pair of warm jeans and a fuzzy

Purple sweater

It is the end of a long day when you

Fall asleep without realizing you are

Still on the couch

Serenity lies in the simple fact that is your


And serenity multiplies ten-fold

When you share it with

Another human being

Chapter 1 – Sleeping Prophet

2 Jul

Sleeping prophet

Close your eyes

Tell me lies

Sleeping prophet

Give me lines

Close your eyes

Sleeping prophet

Tell me lies







Chapter 1 – Sleep

29 Jun

Before my bed was made

We could study case histories

Of serial perversions

But my hand looks so much

Older now and my breast

Is soft

The mystery makes no sense




Don’t stop to dream

Just sleep

Save yourself

Sever social bindings

Sleep severely


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