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Chapter 2 – My Teeth

10 Aug

My teeth are stones in sunlight

Pieces of French bread in a

Broken toaster

Teasing me

With presence and disappearance

Your tongue flicks

Over my entire body

A vast and spacious desert

Whose drought has lasted

Far beyond its time

Whose rain has long since

Been prayed for

There is a storm

A painful tearing storm

Always before the rain

And the storm passes without warning

I am your desert

You are my storm

Stay with me a while

Until it’s time to move on

And when the time

Comes for promises

Leave me with nothing

Less than solid faith

That one day you

Will return

And I will wait

Chapter 1 – First Storm of Summer

16 May

I thought I was through

With naiveté.

The first storm of summer

Thundered upon me

Showering my tropical desert

With fairyland humility.

I am among the believers, yet

I lie not in beds of the believed.

My imagination wills itself happily

Into the realm of reality.

I am not lost

But a man might search lifetimes

If ever he found me.

Eyes closed to the rising sun

Look westward, full of moon.

I am the one

Who can heal your wounds

If you let me.

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