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Chapter 2 – In a Foreign Land

29 Aug

I dance with strangers

Eating twinkies

Fondling my candy

Secret numbers

Play rotary with my brain

We are both strong

Yet time has its power

To wither away the largest stone

With the wind and the rain

I came, leaving the past behind

You erupted, a volcano in mine

My hands cold glass

Tears have long since frozen

Become a wooden woman child

Even before I knew the fire of love

I never felt your hot hand in desire

A flame cannot ignite an entire forest

Each tree has its own price to pay

Why did you tell me that you love me

Did you not want me to be free

Why did you tell me that you want me

When you plan to burn the forest

For the trees

Chapter 2 – I Will Survive

29 Aug

A warning

Perhaps, yes

A forecast

Of what will soon come to be

In my life

As it is already known to others

Of this race

No one else ever tried to escape

The premonition

Our essence, our existence – is bound

To time with elastic chains

We may stretch as far as we choose but never

Break free from the core of time

It is the beginning, the Finnish and all things

In between

Everything is based on time

I will not wear a watch

I will survive

Chapter 1 – Pressed

6 Jul

Little Miss Softy

Wants to rest but

Her mind is


For time

It passes

Before my day has begun

Night has come

And there is no business

To be done

After midnight

Chapter 1 – It’s Coming!

29 Jun

Catastrophe made her hungry

Until she ate herself sick

And drank to swallow heaves

The tornado is over

In its path

Human suffering, felled trees

Leveled buildings

G-d’s wrath

Claims the innocent

Leaves the destitute

Brings love home

A woman quotes newscasters

Cross-streets, casualties

Disregarded warnings

Your time is coming

You better have your house in order

Family in line

Taller to shorter

It’s coming. It’s Coming. IT’S COMING!

Chapter 1 – Doubt

23 Jun

Your time will come, sweet thing

So just ride it on for now

Years will pass like days,

You’ll see

And then

Where will you be

In an old house

In a forest

On a swing with a

Book to fill up

With life

You will not miss.

You will be

You are

What you feel inside

And I

I feel that I could be

A faithful fountain

Of passion

Shared by all

But who will really know me

And what will

My words truly mean

To you

Do you

Trouble yourself with doubt

Like me

Instead of letting time

Work it all out

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