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Chapter 3 – Clap

14 Sep

The roses grew impatiently

Folding their limbs to passers by

Lifting lids for light alone

Revealing sweet tornado eyes

Catching my secret glances

Sparks fly.

Precious core of you

Apple seeds

Man with one-thousand tattoos

An opera singer dreams

While the rock star screams

They are lovers

Sleeping not so silently together

Bodies four-legged and entwined


Not kind

My hair is on fire

While my face cracks with the cold


Play that harmonica

Patty cake game


Chapter 3 – Defeat

14 Sep

I’ve got a broken heart

The size of the moon

Never want to go back there

Not anytime soon

I am a child

In a grown-up game

Nobody ever told me the rules

Or taught me how to play

What’s so fair about love and war

Easier to die lonely

Than to ever know

You were once loved

What a shame

To die old and gray

Unaware of the pleasures

Never knowing this man with only a name

No face to place my adoration

Time was sixteen stones in our path

I was born

To hide away

Keeping the faith

To keep the beat

Of what is ours


Please tell me that my efforts will

Not end in defeat

Chapter 2 – Come for Me

31 Jul

Grey ghost

In rags you dress

Appropriate on occasion

Numbered days oppress my

Reeling soul from feeling

Fresh disease growing

Hourly upon skin

Trembling breath, rise and fall


Words flow with no

Connecting rail

The road to heart

Bridged with fatal scars

For soft new pink

The train of life’s profanities

Does blow it’s horn

Ominous, anonymous

Tradesman without craft

Vein shaft

I lie in wait

To take or be taken

By unknown wrath

Chapter 1 – Music of the night

9 Jul

Inspires a young man’s mind to

Painful confessions

Relative and past

I share with him

The sound of my own pain

He holds his head in woe

Of worldly conversations

Don’t go, he says

I am only wandering

We dance on the edge

With our sisters and brothers

Our toes teasing gravity

Our arms entwined

Unhappy homes

Lead us


Of ourselves

To each other

Chapter 1 – A Limerick

2 Jul

Purple-eyed Peter

Was so stoked to meet her

When she said that her name

Was Penillia

At half past eleven

He poked in to see her

And by noon

They were half way to heaven.

Chapter 1 – Archaic

21 Jun

In the wake of angels

I lie in wait

My leopard pounces

Leaves me motionless

A mere detail of gloriousness

Head heavy with presence

Sounding of trains

Resounds in travel

Poor souls plotting suicide

Challenging death

Tons of metal

Crushing bones

Like wood blocks or

Sand between my toes.

The smell of cinnamon

Invites him in

Power from a bit of glass

To stranded pearls

Passionately wrapped


Back on the tracks

Trains call out to me

I am available

Disregarding serious talk

Or drunk within

My own reflection.

I am learning to fly



I am learning to die

In my sleep

Chapter 1 – Pretending

21 Jun

He left me

Twelve red roses

I’m pretending it was you.

He says, “If I ever go –

I would only go

With you.”

You only laugh because

You’ve been there more

Than once without me.

He says he wants to

Marry me away

From all my sins.

You dowse all thought

Of morality in carnal pleasure


He loves my brain.

You worship my body.

I blame him

For all the pain

I have ever known

And he says he is sorry.

You are forever in the mood.

He tells me that he loves me

I am pretending it was you.

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