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Tears and Smiles

24 Oct

When life seems to be a lot like the weather in a tropical rainforest – an abundance of sunlight, followed by a torrential rain – we can be grateful that just happens to be the ideal environment for growth.Finca Organica de Carla y Eduardo

Chapter 3 – Yes

26 Sep

We have kissed

Connected, killed


Dowsed and drown


A scorpion underfoot

Chapter 2 – A Deadication

6 Sep

My heart doesn’t bleed

For if it did

I would be mercifully released from this world

My hands are the bloody ones

Digging, scraping

At the very door to my chamber of firearms

They are rap, rap, rapping and scratching

Pitifully, to no avail

Entry is refused

Where is the key?

By my hand

This door will fall

I will deny the heart its ache

To acquire the jewels of the soul

Chapter 2 – So

29 Jul

The days roll past like a red rubber


And the nights linger while my fingers

Spin tales

Of hunger

Hunger for knowledge

Oh, the injustice of ignorance

Chapter 2 – Sleep

19 Jul

Sleep, he said

For you are weary

And the night cold

Rest your precious eyes, flashing

Emerald stones though they may be

Dream of peace

The kind men long for and

Remember the dream well

For you may never witness its like again

Let your body limp

Open the door of you to let it wander

Do not be afraid to allow the simple air

You breathe traverse your entire


Feel the blood flowing, coursing through

Your veins. Hear your heart beat

Lungs accepting oxygen

Your brain swimming in pools of thought


Be content for just one evening

Knowing simply that you are living

Chapter 2 – Mother

19 Jul

I see you

Pretty face, hair


Like the face I saw not so long ago

You stare at me

With emerald eyes that shine

Like mine

You wink

I smile

You are to me all that is good

And fine


Smile and


For me tonight

I miss you as I never

Have before.

Chapter 2 – For Heather

16 Jul

Lick, lick, licking

Suck, suck, sucking

On grape tootsie pop

Tongue raw and purple

Artificial flavor color

Seventeen grams of sugar

Measured in years

Sweet young skin

Crying violet tears

There is no one here to taste me.

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