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Chapter 1 – Suspense

25 Jun

He comes

And goes

He rarely throws

Me only bits

Of what he knows

I speak of sanctuary

Embraced by arms and legs and

We sit all but feet apart

His determined silence surrounding us

In my private room – he rests his

Head upon my heart and says,

“We are only mating”

To this I say nothing, for I

Know not what weighs upon him

Hours spent alone have gotten

Me this:

A man in suspense

Has but one wish

And that is happiness

No cares, no plans

Just memorable, portable


In this state he is oblivious

To hours spent alone

He knows not of what he may have missed

Chapter 1 – Love Ballad of the Introvert

9 Jun

Can’t reach

No fear

Feel pain

Sin again

Watch yourself

Wonder why

All you see

Behind closed eyes

Leads you back

To certain demise

Chapter 1 – Rendezvous

5 Jun

The mountain crest

With deepened precipice

Powered white

And saddened –


Like grandmother’s face.

Oh! The tragedy!

The cue

For sympathy and

Graciousness and



Belated cursings

Destinations delayed

A mishap

A rendezvous

With disaster

Chapter 1 – First Storm of Summer

16 May

I thought I was through

With naiveté.

The first storm of summer

Thundered upon me

Showering my tropical desert

With fairyland humility.

I am among the believers, yet

I lie not in beds of the believed.

My imagination wills itself happily

Into the realm of reality.

I am not lost

But a man might search lifetimes

If ever he found me.

Eyes closed to the rising sun

Look westward, full of moon.

I am the one

Who can heal your wounds

If you let me.

Chapter 1 – Absolute Control

9 May

There is no absolute control
In omniscience
There is power yes, and
There are answers.
There is knowledge, yes
And that
Is power.
But without wisdom
There is darkness
And that comes after
We have been
And are made aware.

Enlightenment: That awkward moment you realize your kid knows more than you because you taught him.

10 Apr

Living the dream

10 Apr

So, I know this guy and whenever you ask him what he’s up to, he says: “Livin’ the dream.” And he smiles this sardonic, sarcastic smile that reminds me of the scar tissue on a bleeding ulcer. But it’s true for him. He is living the dream of the typical American – work hard, make tons of cash and save, save, SAVE for retirement. Except he works so hard at working that he has zero time for a home life where things continuously and predictably fall into disrepair. He works so hard at working he has no time to eat or exercise so his body falls into disuse and disease. He works so hard at working that his family sub-conciously creates disaster crisis scenarios for him to fix because that’s the only time he responds to their pleas for attention. And every day is a crisis because the guy is a genuinely good guy and people want him in their lives.

He thinks himself different than most because he practices austerity. He fixes things. He knows how to cook a good, healthy meal for his family and he does so on all the very special occasions or very nearly. He buys things with cash. He has no desire to wear the latest trends or sport the newest ride. But he’s no different from anyone who ever mouthed the words, “I need to be financially stable to feel secure.”

What does that mean exactly? For me, it means cutting my expenses to the point where I know I can get a job anywhere, anytime to meet them and gaining the experience to do whatever job might come my way. To him it means $300k a year. To you it might mean, $56k but the fact remains you’re putting a numeric value on security. Security which by every standard of American living in the last century was all but guaranteed to you if you “worked hard”.

So what is working hard?

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